We give life to your idea

Stage from idea to implementation. We accompany you from the idea of the project in your head to its implementation on paper and the opening day. At this stage, we create a future platform for a successful institution. Even at the starting point, we understand which way to go and what strategy to use. We know at what pace we need to move to achieve our goals by a certain date and enjoy the success of our business project, which brings both pleasure and dividends.
To open a restaurant, cafe, bar or club from scratch with Akhunov Group is easy. We offer a professional approach to drawing up a business plan and developing a general concept of an institution, the analysis of the market of restaurant business, its features and problems.

We work and you make profit

At this very stage, we reject all unnecessary and leave only important. This is the creation of the present, in which your catering institution exists.
We help with staff training, restaurant accounting, considering all its nuances (commodity accounting, costing, management accounting and audit).
We bring your business out of crisis. We are engaged in reputation management, creating new strategies and successful positioning in the market.
Managing the restaurant, cafe, club or bar with Akhunov Group is a professional approach to the organization of restaurant business. We offer effective anti-crisis strategies and programs for successful start and management of the institution, improvement of the structure and methods of management, analysis of features and problems of the market.

We work for results

A loud opening and the first success do not guarantee that it will always be so.
Only the analysis of available resources, competent business planning, marketing research (both qualitative and quantitative), SMM-promotion, development of advertising campaigns and even rebranding will lead to the desired occupancy of the halls. We use these actions to inspire customers to be loyal to your brand. Promotion of a restaurant, cafe, bar or club with Akhunov Group is easy. We offer professional services for the institution development, draw up effective strategies for overcoming the crisis.

We solve all challenges that you meet on your way to creating a profitable institution.

You do not have to know all the reefs of the restaurant business or understand the nuances of work at every stage. We assist in obtaining any licenses for the work of a restaurant, cafe, club, bar, including alcoholic. We are engaged in the selection of any equipment or its replacement. We provide consulting services for the opening of the restaurant and its work. We comment on the allowing documentation and take on all the tasks for coordination on re-planning the premises, and also help to prepare a feasibility report for the restaurant business.

We sow our knowledge and experience – you reap the benefits of the maximum profit of the restaurant

The maximum result in a short time – this is exactly what the Akhunov Group likes. You share our pride for the most important thing – the well-coordinated work of the team, that includes specialists from all directions necessary for the successful launch and full-fledged work of the restaurant business. We offer professional services in legal support of business. With us, your institution whether it be a restaurant, cafe, club or bar will be in the hands of a team of top-level specialists.


Your catering institution can really become profitable within the first month after the opening. This is confirmed by many of our clients. However, don’t forget about the effective information support, which helps not only to kindle the guests’ interest before the opening, but also keep and even strengthen it after the start of your new project.
Bright announcements wake the curiosity of the public to a new interesting place and lead visitors in the opening day to appreciate the cuisine and atmosphere of the restaurant. Akhunov Group works with the target audience, addressing only to proven partners in the mass-media and using all modern communication tools wisely.

Do you want to surprise your loyal customers?

Do you want to surprise your loyal customers?
We offer professional service for business media support:
– marketing research;
– development of advertising campaigns;
– SMM-promotion on the Internet.
With us, your institution whether it be a restaurant, a cafe, a club or a bar will be in the hands of a team of top-level specialists.
Taking into account the wishes of guests, improving service and expanding the range – for us it is not a novelty. That is why we develop actions and events, depending on the direction and style of the institution, which allows you to guide your target audience.
So, for a cozy family restaurant, we suggest tasting dinners and dinners or gastronomic master classes for adults and children. For entertainment institutions, we suggest fashion parties, inviting the best DJs for the target audience, social events with the exclusive menu and the interior details including the new thematic decorative elements. For each institution, we develop and draw up a plan of events for the whole quarter ahead, writing down each event in stages, and distributing the activities according to the calendar, taking into account the most important holidays and considering possible events.

Lighting equipment

Decorative, architectural, artistic lighting.
From correctly placed accents to the style formation.

Sound equipment

The choice of good loudspeakers and amplification for any task must have a foundation of coordinated and correctly executed power loads, noise insulation and sound absorption.

Video equipment

Multi-touch screens, LED panels, LED media facades, video screens for various purposes with a centralized control system for better communication with guests and enhancing the restaurant reputation.


Inspection of premises and recommendations on the concept

First of all, we think over how to use all potential of the premises to achieve the goal – maximum results. We consider each detail in the recommendations to create the unique concept. We, Akhunov Group. are sure that in the modern restaurant market in conditions of fierce competition it is very important to differ not only in cuisine, but also in the general concept, 90% of which is percieved by the visitors through the interior and atmosphere of the restaurant. Therefore, we choose the optimal solutions, listening to your wishes and taking into account the possibilities of the premises.
We offer a professional approach to the technological layout of a restaurant, cafe, club or bar. Together with you we develop an interesting concept of the institution, which will become the key to business success.

Development of a design project

We create a design project, according to on your chosen concept and style of the institution. When creating the interior and exterior of the restaurant, we carefully work out all the details, trying to convey the basic idea of the institution with the help of everything that surrounds the guest. We, like our clients, appreciate the beauty in everything and are ready to help you in the embodiment of your plans. We use professional sense of style, which has been repeatedly confirmed by effectively realized projects owing to careful study of the design of the institution, which in the end allows us to create a design project that everyone is happy with.

Brandbook development

The corporate identity of the institution is its distinctive feature in the modern market. Therefore, it is so important to create the document that fully reflects all the details of the visual and conceptual ideas underlying the project.
Your restaurant is first and foremost a unique brand. We make sure that his style and concept are exceptional and stand out in the eyes of the audience among the variety of institutions. Brandbook, compiled by us, helps to stay within the chosen course and form a brand image. Branding and rebranding of a restaurant, club, cafe, bar or fast food with Akhunov Group is a professional approach to decorating an institution.

Complete set of the restaurant from A to Z

If you do not know where to start your restaurant business, or just do not want to face the difficulties alone, we are ready to relieve you of cares completely. We offer you a restaurant, a cafe, club, bar or fast food “on a turn-key basis” – a ready realization of your idea, equipped with the latest trends in the market. Realizing your dream, we consider all the details, optimize costs and think through everything in terms of the convenience of staff and the comfort of visitors. At the same time, we pay great attention to the unity of style and the beauty of every detail. All you need is to monitor the implementation. And to evaluate the work of professionals is always easy and pleasant!

Training and preparation of the staff

The restaurant staff is its face. One always wants to go back to the place, where he or she is met with a smile. Visitors pay more attention to quality and service level. Therefore, we understand how important it is to recruit true professionals in the restaurant business, providing them with opportunities for personal development and thereby ensuring business development. A famous chef, a competent and honest managing director, a smiling and hospitable hostess and, of course, quick, grounded in the menu and polite waiters are the guarantee of an ideal service for visitors and the prosperity of the restaurant. We help to find and train such people!

Development of the menu

Today no visitor is surprised with cuisine alone and more attention is paid to creative concept, interior and service. But can you imagine a restaurant without tasty food? A sophisticated gourmet or a person who accidentally dropped in for coffee and failed to cope with temptation to taste other gastronomic delights faced a difficult choice, glancing over the menu. The aim of the Akhunov Group was to leave him not just pleased, but to bring him to the restaurant again. Owing to our experience, we know not only how to cook amazing dishes, but also how to serve it so that none of the visitors remains indifferent. Together with you we can create a unique menu in a unique design, staying true to your intentions and the style of your restaurant, cafe, bar or club. We know how to arrange a menu according to all requirements.

Increasing the average check

Akhunov Group managers share the opinion that your favorite business should bring income. We are often asked how to increase it. Often, even long-time owners of the restaurant business do not see some features of their institution. This fact negatively affects the revenue they receive. We study every restaurant in detail, because any institution is a unique case. Based on the results of observation and in-depth studies, we make a decision, drawing the client’s attention to additional opportunities and not yet realized capacities and offering an effective project. Many years of our experts’ experience in HoReCa has brought countless knowledge that we are ready to share with you, for the restaurant business to bringg good profit as well as positive emotions. We know how to increase the profitability and the average check. The activities offered by our team are effective, which is confirmed by the success of institutions that had trusted our specialists.

For six years, our experts have turned catering places into places of worship, popular clubs and family cafes with a warm atmosphere, where guests feel at home. And all this is thanks to the knowledge and abilities of our experts to identify profitable ideas and concepts quickly.


The payback period of the projects that were developed and implemented by Akhunov Group is from 1 to 3 years.
Payback up to
Our team of experts has been engaged in the restaurant business development for 6 years and helps clients to realize the most ambitious and bold ideas. We act hand in hand with our clients from the first discussion to realizing our common bold goals and achieving an effective result.
Profitability of
We value your time and money, therefore we devote not more than 60 days to the development of the whole concept. During this time, we thoroughly work out all the client’s wishes, the features of the premises and the specificity of the concept of the future project.
Concept for
A unique approach to every restaurant, depending on its concept and audience lets us create a dream place where guests want to return not only for the fine cuisine but also for an unforgettable atmosphere and high-quality recreation.


Feedback is a pledge of easy and fruitful work. It is very important for us to hear each other and react in good time to all changes in the life of your restaurant business. This helps to create a stable partnership, a successful work strategy and to pay back the projects.


At the first meeting, we define the borders of your opportunities. Then, depending on the task, we begin work on achieving it in the most effective, fast and reliable methods. We always try to minimize costs and comply with deadlines. We are one of the few on the market whose experience and professionalism allow us to open a restaurant in a couple of months. Our specialists do everything possible to achieve significant savings at every stage – from concept development to restaurant opening. By trusting Akhunov Group, you make a reasonable choice!

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