For the period of its existence the company has entered into partnership with such popular institutions as: Gastronomic bar “Factory of Taste” in Tula; Bourbon Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Gastronomic bar Ogni, Oriental cuisine restaurant Pavlin Mavlin, Beer restaurant Dear, I will call back, Oriental cuisine restaurant Halva, Mountain Café Medeo in Kazakhstan and Monaco Restaurant & Lounge Bar and Shisha Lounge Bar in Uzbekistan.

All these projects became possible due to the client-oriented approach, high professionalism of the team and impressive experience in the HoReCa sphere of its owner. AKHUNOV GROUP develops bright strategies, prompts quick and competent ways out of the crisis, helps to reorganize the restaurant and rework the existing concept under popular formats at no extra cost.

The secret of AKHUNOV GROUP’s success

Quick access to the top positions in popularity and attendance due to a subtle understanding of the market, own experience and unobvious methods is the main secret of AKHUNOV GROUP’s success. The first question that is asked to clients is – what kind of emotions should a guest receive from the restaurant and why? What is the main purpose of the institution? And depending on the answer, further work is being built. AKHUNOV GROUP company opened various types of establishments: meat restaurants and restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine, pubs and hookah bars, karaoke and night clubs. Therefore, they know all the subtleties of work: from idea to realization.

Thus, in gourmet-oriented restaurants, special attention is paid to the relations between highly professional chefs and guests. Any guest can thank the chef or ask a clarifying question about the dish. As a rule, in such institutions the menu is developed for each season, and the author’s dish is ordered most often.

Our mission is to find an idea that can be developed into a large-scale project

Our mission is to find the idea that can be developed into a large-scale project – a conceptual restaurant – among hundreds of your desires.
We are striving to ensure that the investments invested in the project fully return. We also ensure that the restaurant itself is popular among its target audience and its profits increase daily. We are interested in bringing the restaurant industry in Russia and the CIS countries to a fundamentally new level, where the quality of service will be equally high in mass institutions and restaurants for VIP guests.

Vision is the embodiment of creative concepts

Cooperation with the company AKHUNOV GROUP adds confidence to you in achieving the planned result.
We conduct a detailed analysis of the market, segment it, identify your target audience and then work out the concept of the institution. At the same time we take into consideration the preferences of future guests, the practice of the best world restaurants and the latest trends in the recreation industry.
Then we calculate the cost of fulfilling the ideas, choose the right location, based on qualitative research and draw up a successful strategy of promotion on the market.
Next, we create an effective management plan and prepare the documents for starting the restaurant.
Your desires, goals and ideas are the ground for creating and implementing creative concepts.

Process: business from concept to implementation

To start cooperating with us, just one call and a meeting is enough.
We ll discuss all the details and nuances:

1. Development of the concept of the restaurant, construction, opening and transfer to its owner – we will do all the work for you, and you will only manage the restaurant competently.

2. Development of the concept of the restaurant, construction, opening and subsequent business – you do not have to do anything at all, we will completely assume the conduct of your business.

3. Management, development and withdrawal from the crisis of a ready and working business. Do you feel that you are not coping on your own and every day it becomes more difficult to understand the situation? By contacting AKHUNOV GROUP, you trust the process to people who are used to working with such difficulties and guarantee the solution of any problems.
We make your business simple, understandable and profitable.

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