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Akhunov Group.

The main secret of the success of The Akhunov Group lies in the quick access of our clients’ restaurants to the top lines, for their popularity and attendance, due to our subtle insight of the market, experience, and unobvious methods.
Some facts about us:
The payback period of the projects, developed and implemented by The Akhunov Group, is from 1 to 3 years. Our clients have been helped to embody the most ambitious and bold ideas by the team of specialists for 6 years. The clients and we act together hand in hand from the first discussion to the efficient outcome.
We value your time and money, that’s why we take not more than 60 days for working out the whole concept. During this time we elaborate customer desires, features of a place and specificity of a future project.
The unique approach to each restaurant, depending on the auditory and other details, lets us create a dream place, where your  guests will come again and again, for a fine cuisine, unforgettable atmosphere and high-quality recreation.

Your goal combined with our knowledge results in a
profitable restaurant  

Our professionals with an impressive experience in the restaurant business turn public places into places of worship, popular clubs and family cafes with a warm atmosphere.

We are always open to questions and are glad to face new challenges!

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